Martine’s work aims to remove the emotional layers that stand between us and our own light, and prevent us from tapping into our life purpose. Those layers can be a result of formative past experiences, unresolved feelings, emotional stress, fear, self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, or sub-conscious programming.


She helps her clients in the areas of holistic and spiritual growth, self-empowerment, self-realization, and mapping life paths.


Martine’s car accident and ensuing concussion catapulted her into a period of self-discovery. It taught her how to self-nurture, and how to be patient as life unfolds at its own pace. She also learned to become acutely attuned to her body and inner voice.  But most importantly, it showed her that every life experience – no matter how challenging – contains within it an opportunity for discovery, healing, and empowerment. No matter the situation, there is always something we can do to better our lot. Our spirituality absolutely impacts our reality.


Once we have the courage to take a step onto the path of self-healing, there is no limit to the beauty and depth of what we can discover.


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I have always felt spiritually connected. For as long as I can remember, my soul was always in the driver’s seat. I have never known myself to be any other way. My soul journey became clear to me through a recurring dream, I first had as a young teen.


My name is Martine, and I am passionate about many things:

I am an intuitive reader, a certified life coach, an energy healing practitioner. I am also a teacher and an attorney. I help people in the areas of: advancement, spiritual growth, self empowerment and connectedness.


I have worked with individual clients one-on-one, given classes to women on Torah and spirituality, and conducted speaking sessions at women’s groups and other events.

My dichotomous background and experience allow me to create a unique harmony between my cerebral side and problem-solving aptitudes and my spiritual intuition and abilities. When balanced together, they provide me with the unique tools I use to assist my clients on their life journey of continued spiritual growth and healing.


Martine is a certified life coach (CCF) and certified Energy Healing Practitioner. She has a teaching diploma and a license to practice law both in Montreal and in Israel. The rest of her time is spent enjoying time with her family, learning, exercising, practicing yoga, meditating and baking.

“We have all been gifted with creative energy in different areas.
Mine allows me to see people’s soul energy, guide them on their spiritual journey, provide a roadmap, help them remove their layers, and reconnect to their inner light. It is an ongoing labour of love and I am excited to share it with you.”