My name is Martine and I am the founder of No More Layers, a unique life coaching approach.


The concept of “layers” is a common thread that unites us all. We all have layers. Though I don’t believe we are born with them, we start acquiring them very early on as we begin our foray into the world and our interactions with others.


For most of my life, I felt certain limiting beliefs prevented me from fully being who and what I knew, deep down I could be. I wasn’t quite sure how or why, but I always felt certain “layers” within me that prevented me from accessing deeper, stronger, more satisfying parts of me. Little did I know that as I was becoming less fearful to go inside myself and look at those blockages, I was experiencing the beginnings of what I would later come to discover as the method of No More Layers. The freeing process of removing the emotional layers that stand between us and our own light. Those layers and emotional clogs that prevent us from tapping into our life purpose. They can be caused by one or more traumatic events or an accumulation of early life patterns. They take shape as a result of past experiences, unresolved feelings, emotional stress, fear, self-limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and/or sub-conscious programming.


Martine’s car accident and ensuing concussion catapulted her into a period of self-discovery. That is when she discovered the method of going about dismantling and removing one’s layers, sometimes with almost surgical precision. It is how No More Layers came to be. She learned how to self-nurture, and how to be patient as life unfolds at its own pace. She also learned to become acutely attuned to her body and  inner voice to read her own energy and distinguish between its various intensities and densities. She learned to communicate from within, and create a healing dialogue. The process showed her the innate intelligence that resides in every life experience – and the message that no matter how challenging – within each experience, lies an opportunity for discovery, healing, and empowerment. Every situation, is an opportunity to become better versions of ourselves. How we choose to express it, absolutely impacts our reality.


We all face challenges. I am certainly no exception. I took one of my biggest challenges, the catalyst to it all, and it became my turning point. After I healed myself I decided to pay it forward. It was time for No More Layers.


My life experience and intuitive gifts coupled with my professional and life coaching training, serve as my compass. My mission is to guide my clients and help them discover and remove each of their layers in strategic, insightful, and uniquely customized ways. The result: Learning how to truly thrive and fully show up to one’s life.


I help my corporate and individual clients remove their emotional layers and obstacles, in the areas of personal and professional growth and self-realization, empowerment, mapping life paths and owning your destiny.


Once we have the courage to take a step onto the path of No More Layers, there is no limit to the power and depth of what we can discover and accomplish.



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My name is Martine, and I am passionate about many things:

I am an intuitive reader, a Certified life Coach, Reiki Master, an energy healing practitioner, a Theta Healing® Practitioner, Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner and an Energy Codes® Facilitator. I am also a teacher and an attorney. I help people in the areas of: advancement, personal and professional growth, empowerment, self-realization and life strategies.


I have always felt spiritually connected. For as long as I can remember, my soul was always in the driver’s seat. I have never known myself to be any other way. My soul journey became clear to me through a recurring dream, I first had as a teen.


Over the years, I have worked with individual clients and executives, given classes and workshops, and conducted speaking sessions at women’s groups and other events.


For a long time I could not reconcile my spiritual side with my cerebral side, sharpness of mind and legal strategic thinking.


And then one day I got it! It all finally made sense!

My cerebral side grounds me and allows me to be very precise in my words, such that I can more adequately translate the energy and communicate my clients’ unique individual soul talk and heart language to them, and help provide the clarity they need and deserve. My varied background and experiences allow me to create a unique harmony between my cerebral and strategic side and my spiritual intuition and abilities. Over the years, I have learned to balance them together. The synergy between my personal and professional background have become essential to my value as a coach and guide. The result is so helpful to my clients! This balance provides me with the unique tools to assist my clients on their life journey of continued personal and professional growth, self-realization, clearing their layers and meeting their full potential.


Given my lengthy tenure as a legal consultant and my background as a teacher, I have encountered and witnessed diverse workplace and life obstacles and accumulated layers that are common to us all: issues related to job satisfaction, quality of life, fulfillment and self-actualization.


With the discerning eye of a professional, and soul of a coach, I conduct interactive, customized sessions – both private or small-group – for individuals and professionals seeking a greater sense of purpose, direction, self-empowerment and fulfillment, with a focus on communication, self-realization, and personal development.


Martine is a Certified Life Coach (CCF), Reiki Master, a certified Energy Healing Practitioner a Theta and an Energy Codes® Facilitator. She has a teaching diploma, two law degrees and a license to practice law both in Montreal and in Israel. The rest of her time is spent enjoying time with her family, learning, teaching, volunteering, exercising, practicing yoga, meditating and baking.

“We have all been gifted with creative energy in different areas.
Mine allows me to see people’s soul energy, guide them on their spiritual journey, provide a roadmap, help them remove their layers, and reconnect to their inner light. It is an ongoing labour of love and I am excited to share it with you.”